Tech Tools

This is an ongoing list of technology tools for classroom use. Click on the logo to go to the site.

Rewordify Logo Increase comprehension by imputing challenging text and this tool spits it out in an easy to read

 Create interactive images

logo Online assessment tool

QRtLogo Customizable QR code maker logo  Organize multiple links into one URL

Edcanvas Organize an interactive lesson using different medias

SymbalooSymbaloo visual bookmarking site Email yourself in the future. Great organizational for reminders

downloadDipity create an online timeline and embed on any website.

  Nearpod created interactive presentations that present from your iPad to computer

Glogster Glogster is a graphic blog. Great for visual learners.

 8172102_orig Popplet is a site good for concept mapping

Wallwisher is a site were you stick notes on a wall. This site is great for collaboration.

Voicethread is a site where you can record your voice to accompany your presentation.

  instaGrok is an kid friendly search engine

Quizlet is a site for making flash cards is a site for creating infographics.  There are lots of themes to chose from & you can add own photos

  Animoto is a site for making presentations. This site specializes in photos presentations

Free site for screencasting. Very easy to use but you can not edit your screencast or embed it.

  Use remind101 to send students and parents text messages

PhotoPeach   Awesome site for presentations with photos and text

Storybird Site for making stories with illustrations. Super fun and easy to use.


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