#GREAT13 Conference


The #GREAT13 Conference  in Galway, Ireland

Two weeks, 21 people, one GREAT conference!  As part of our Technology and Leadership course (CEP 815) my year 2 Masters in Educational Technology (MAET) class was responsible for hosting an educational conference.  Our responsibilities included  everything from planning and preparation to presenting at the conference. We worked together as a class to plan all aspects related to hosting the conference. Our theme was: “Explore Technology: Set Sail to New Horizons.”  With our theme in mind it was our goal to create an informative and engaging experience for our attendees focused on exploration of technology, education and leadership.

We were placed in small groups to plan our session presentations. As a group we were required to create 2-3 presentations.  My group’s presentation focused teaching presentation and organizational skills through the use of technology.  Scroll down to learn more our about our presentations.

#GREAT13 Website

Our Sessions:
Get Organized- Presented by Dan Thrower & Blair Winters
In our session attendees learned to use technology to stay organized in the classroom.  We presented a variety of tech tools that teachers could use to organize their lessons, lists, content, and more. Below is an image of the Symbaloo page we created for our presentation. Please click on it to see our active Symbaloo page.


Video of our Get Organized Presentation:

Great13 Conference Session: Get Organized from Daniel Thrower on Vimeo.

Back Channel
During our presentation our group members ran our back channel.  Our back channel served as place for our attendees to ask questions and have conversations about our presentations. Please click on the link below see our back channel.

Presentations that Wow!- Presented by Danielle Alexander, Holly Kopp & Anna Sierra Mattos
This session presentation presented information to make presentations that engage students and inspire learning.

Presentations that WOW from Holly Kopp on Vimeo.


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