TPACK in Action

Lesson Overview: Content (What content is important? how can I represent with tech?)

6th grade students will work in small groups (3-4) to create a video using Movie Maker that demonstrates what responsible art room behavior looks like.  Each group will be given a specific behavior topics/art room procedures, and videos will be shown to the class. Student learn more about art room behavior expectations through each others videos.

Pedagogy: How will I use technology to teach this unit? Instructional

  • Begin by talking about my expectations for responsible art room behavior and show movie I made about what responsible art room behavior
  • Model/demo how to use the technology
  • Allow time for students tech exploration, filming/photo taking and sharing ideas for the direction of their
  • Students work collaboratively using Movie Maker to make their movies
  • Facilitate student sharing of movies

Benefits of using Technology?

  • Can share videos with class helping to classroom establish expectations
  •  Technology could possibly a motivator for students
  • Show to new students coming in.
  • Video makes students accountable for their behavior in the art room.

TPACK Justification…

Responsible behavior is vital to creating a safe and creative art making environment. Using art tools safely and responsibly is also part of my content areas state benchmarks and standards. Students need to know not only what those behaviors are but also what they look like.  By using video technology such as Movie Maker to capture what that behavior looks like student will not only be practicing these behaviors, they will be able to share and teach these behaviors to their classmates. I believe using teaching strategies such as collaboration and modeling of  video technology compliments this media and will add to the students understanding of the content area. Additionally, student collaboration and exploration of technology will hopefully help to develop trusting relationships with their classmates.

Universal Design

How is this lesson consistent with principles of UDL?


From an instructing perspective I am illustrating the UDL principle of representation in a few ways.  I begin talking about my expectations for responsible art room behaviors. Later when I teach students how to use the Movie Maker technology, I will show student the example video I made and I demonstrate/model how to use the technology. As far as what the students actually doing, I do not think UDL is happening in this lesson because students will be representing the same expectations in the same way.

Tweak- I could include visual directions (Like a flow chart with pictures) for students in addition to my modeling and verbal directions


I use the UDL principles of Engagement because the main objective of this project to is for students to learn what my expectations are for art responsibly art room behavior. Promoting expectations and beliefs is part of the Engagement principle for UDL.

Multiple means of action and expression.

I do not think that I am using the UDL principle of action and expression is this project because while student are part of an  engaging activity,  I give students only one medium to use to illustrate responsible art room behavior.

Tweak- I could give students more options with medium that they could illustrate responsible art room behavior. For example, students could still have the option of using Movie Maker, but perhaps some other options could be making a poster, writing a song, or making an cartoon. I do not take into account student who lack mobility in this lesson. A possible option for those student could be using online animation sites or creating an info graphic. I think other student might also choose this option


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