Special Interest Group (SIG)

Our Special Interest Group projected was centered around parent teacher communication. Below you will find our abstract giving an overview of our findings, a link to my podcast, and our academic poster.
Abstract: Communities can fail or thrive based on the relationship between educators and parents: all too often, this relationship breaks down due to a number of measurable factors. This project presents a survey of the articles and case studies that compile these factors and try to make sense of the complexities of school-parent contact. From our research, we identified two key questions: why is parent/teacher communication so disconnected? and how can we improve parent-teacher communication? It is important to note that disconnectedness is key to our discussion: teachers and parents want to communicate, but are distanced by virtue of many problems. The first section of our findings addresses why the disconnect happens in four key areas: race and culture, efficacy, socioeconomic status, and perceptions.  The second section presents possible solutions to help the community connect, but instead addresses the players in parent-teacher communication: parents, teachers, students, and tech tools.

Please follow the link to hear my abstract from my special interest group project: SIG Podcast.

Technology Affordances and Restraints:
Using PowerPoint to create this poster was challenging but produced an effective result.  It allowed us to communicate our ideas in an organized fashion through the use of text boxes, tables, and graphics. Many of our colleagues commented that they liked like the design of the poster. I was in charge of making the layout of the poster and I was pleased that my efforts were recognized.   The problems I had with using PowerPoints were because the file was so huge that it would freeze, and was slow when copying and pasting text and sometimes things would just fly across the page.  This was frustrating but in the end I found a way to make it all work.
Despite by the challenges,  using an academic poster was a fantastic way to represent our findings.  Our colleagues were able to come up and read the poster and ask us question and we were able to use the poster to guide the conversations.  Creating the podcast was easier than I had expected. This is also great in terms of accessibility because viewers of this site can listen to the podcast while they look at the poster, thereby making their learning experience an all encompassing one.

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