Creating Step-by-Step Directions for Students Using a Collage App

B. Winters

ImageWhenever I teach a lesson, I always provide students with directions. While they do watch me demonstrate how to make their art projects, I think its important to give them something to reference while they are working. I am always photographing my students as they make their projects. A picture is worth a thousand words right!? Today it occurred to me put the directions and pictures together! Light bulb! Better yet! Why not use a collage app to make project directions?!

I used the app Pic Collage to make the one on the left (because that is what I had on my phone and when creativity hits you act fast and use the what you got!) I also tried using the Aviary app, which I like for editing. I liked Pic Collage better for this.  Below are 5 Apps you can use to create step-by-step photo collage directions! I haven’t…

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