In School and Out of School Tensions Quickfire

I use Twitter to share with the world what my is happening in my art room (@Art_MSE). I thought this would be a great way to get parents involved as well.  The interest from parents has not been what I hoped it would be, with probably only 10-15 parents following us per quarter across all 5 classes. As part of my note home at the beginning of each quarter I ask parents what social media they use and nearly all of them have a Facebook account.  I feel facebook would be a great way to connect with parents to let them know what is happening in the art room.  However, my district blocks Facebook for teachers (and students) so I can not use it to communicate with parents. In fact, it is preferred that teachers communicate with parents and student through our school emails.  This is great if I need to contact one parent, but if I wanted to contact all 150 students parents to let them know about an art show for example, it would take me quite some time enter all the addresses to make a group. Not to mention that I would have to re-do this all 4 quarters when I get new students. Where as, if I could just post on Facebook all the parents that “like” my page would get the information.

This topic is what I chose to make my tension image about for our quickfire. I really enjoyed using Pixlr.  It’s quite similar to to Photoshop which I have experience with for photo editing. It has been a while since I used Photoshop though so it wasn’t a seamless transition between the programs. I remembered how to use the layers features but I forgot how to import a picture as a layer.  I thought that it was difficult to re-size the picture using the “free transform” tool. I wish that I could just grab the corner and shrink it without having to go to the menu and  turn on the “free transform”.  I had a lot of fun playing with the different filter effects. I like the “kaleidoscope” filter especially but it didn’t really work the images I was working with, which was a picture of my school email and hands holding  phone open to Facebook. I layered the images with the email image on the bottom with the “glamor glow” filter, the Facebook phone image on top of it, and red text on top of both layer. The text was regarding the two tensions mentioned. It was red in color and written like an email to parents.


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