Is the Internet Changing the Way I Think?

In response to the question, “Is the internet changing the way I think?” I am inclined to say no, because from a scientific perspective, so far as I am aware, there is no research to support changes in our brain structure resulting from our interactions with the internet.  I chose to address this question in response to myself rather than society as whole because  I feel that I must look at myself before making assumptions about society. My thoughts and opinions are unique to me…or are they? My brain immediately goes to the idea of creativity and unique ideas. Dibona (2011) talked about how the internet squashes original ideas because you may think your idea/though is unique to you, you only have to Google it to find out that it probably is not.  So then does the internet hinder or facilitate creativity? And does this change the way I think?  I see creativity as unique to individuals and feel that the internet can foster creativity.  I may have a idea that someone else has already had but after looking into it more using the internet it has the potential to inspire and help to mold my idea into something new, taking me in directions I had not intended to go.  So then from a creative perspective I believe the internet influences and facilitates my development of ideas.  But does it change the way I think? I would say no because while my original thought may have not been unique my ending thoughts will be because I will have internalized and developed my own new thoughts as a result of using the internet. It did not change it, it developed it. I think of the example of the internet as an ant hill that was presented.  My original idea gets build upon may be directly influences by the internet but what my ant hill look like will be unique to me.


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