Top 5 list of facts and tips relating to UDL

UDL Principle: Provide Multiple Means of Representation

Checkpoint 2.5: Illustrate through multiple media

Facts and tips

  • Helps learners meet their goals through different representations
  • Allows teachers to assess learning in different ways
  • Motivates and encourages student investment in their own learning
  • Ways to use arts dance and music to teach concepts:
  • Museum of online museums! Great way to for to students to explore art from around the world. Social Studies and Art teachers could work together to use this to connect how art reflects history.

UDL Principle: Provide Multiple Means of Actions and Expression

Checkpoint 5.1 Use multiple media for communication

Facts and Tips

  • Has potential to gets kids moving! Include the option of using movement to activate student learning.
  • Facilitates creative expression and gives students options for the media in which they experience learning
  • Lessens media-specific barriers and therefore can accommodate a variety of student needs.
  • Can use social media and interactive web tools to facilitate student collaboration
  • great site for student to read as well as create and share books

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